Dear Brother


United States
42° 21' 40.68" N, 88° 5' 23.748" W

Why was your face Glass'd and silenced, Shutting us into to fear of remembering
Your vibrant laugh tickling the souls of us
How often did we have to visit the hospital just to take you home a few hours later
Doctors said that you were fine.
Until 4 am on December 15th when your heart collapsed again ,
Left us trying to revive you in hospital bed sheets trying to sprawl you back in
death , Clawing you till your too still to love anymore
How can we cradle death like we do life? Sit in waiting rooms just so the doctors can tell us that miracles don't exist , and you were just another reason we should eat healthy
I went to school that day ghosted , to knowing that I had one less sibling to buy Christmas gifts for, one less brother I could actually talk to, god never gave me a chance to hug you I spent my last words telling you I hated my mother and you spent yours begging for her , to save you from your dreams ...your heart shut down
Does that make you cold ?
Make the frost of no beat bite you
I was supposed to protect you
Like you did for me since birth
Make sure satan couldn't harm you an god couldn't change his mind about saving you I ...WAS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT YOU
But your gone again
And I'm still sitting in the waiting room begging the doctors to tell m that miracles do exist ..
And you love us enough to stay


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