Dear Book of Feelings,

Sun, 06/02/2013 - 13:48 -- jaja01


United States
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I just broke down. Why?
For what reason am I breaking down?
Why does my pretty little face have this ugly frown?
Its's 12:35 am and so much is on m mind
So many emotions, feelings, or whatever kind
Feel's like I'm beginning to lose my shine
You can tell she's down, by the slouch in her spine
It's kind of sick how I'm so stuck on this
I feel like I've been shot down, I've been dissed
Switching up your stories, some parts you may have missed
Left me looking confused, that's the part that get's me pissed
Haven't text or called in a few days, why do you care?
You don't want my attention, yeah right therer's still feelings there
I cant pretend that everything's all good
I can't say that everything is all bad
It's okay, I guess...
Was told never let anyone or anything take away my smile
That's right, teeth showing, dimples too, you know my style
Yesterday's the past, today is today, and tomorrow is the next day
When I wake up, I expect to be back to my normal person
Not the one who'moody, not smiling one who's hurting
I can go on and on, but I'm going to stop here
It was nice telling the "Book of Feelings" hoow I feel



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