Dear Black Women

Dear Black Women


by Heven Ambachew


With strength and resiliency,

Hair that defies gravity

Aesthetics of gold radiate from within your,

Rich melanin

Your existence a delightful phenomenon


Bending without breaking

Bleeding without dying

Self-love without harm

Versatile and drippin’ honey,

You move mountains


From back ended compliments

Constantly living under attack

Loving yourself; a political act


.. “you’re pretty for a black girl”

..”are you mixed with anything?”

..”i don’t date black girls”

.. “too smart for a black girl”


As if your blackness is too bold

As if it would be better cooled off and watered down

No, this is black, no suga, no additives


Now, you want a mouth full

of my culture

; home grown and organic

Feasting ,

Draining me of that which comes with my faith,

My skin

My body


no longer can we sit in the shadows

no longer will we accept what they say

Remember you are royalty

Dark eyes,

thick thighs

No more apologies


You are a whole movement

You are worth the conversation

Take up your space queen;

Be unapologetic


Aiyana stanley-jones


Tanisha Anderson


Say their names..

Shout them ..

Scream ..

Let your words echo and shake the foundations of this system

A violent system

A white system

..dismantle this structure




but do not weep sisters

For there is still hope


Reclaim your time through your words, your stories

We can no longer be a bridge for those that do not wipe their feet before entering our homes


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My family
My community
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