Dear Big Brother (Protector)

You came just as the curtains were closing

When everyone left 

And it was just me alone with the darkness

That's clawed hands started reaching down my throat

And its infectious thoughts found their way inside of me.

I sat with a blade balanced between my fingers

Dying to silence the voices in my head

Or maybe just praying for death,

It doesn't really matter

The point is that you came

Just as my soul lifted itself from the tight grip of my rib cage

And freed itself of my judging conscience 

When i could feel the shadows around me come to life

I was terrified 

Unaware of the motives they processed

Until one of them took the form of a roman warrior

Clad in kindness and shining armor 

You reached your hand out to me

And lifted me from where i had fallen

When you found i couldn't stand 

You came down to sit beside me

You showed me your wounds

And promised to heal mine

You swore to never leave my side

And a warrior never breaks their promises you said

And it was true

When everyone else had left

You stayed

And you wrapped me in your arms

And made me feel safe

And even though we are both collecting are broken pieces

And some of are wounds are still bleeding

I know it's going to be okay

Because i have you by my side

And the shadows are already parting

I am still finding my footing

But even when the road gets slippery

You are there to carry me

And one day those curtains will open

And we will walk out of this dark place together

Because a warrior never leaves those in need

And you my brother won't abandon me

So i wrote this to tell you that i love you

And that you mean the world to me.

So to my big brother

And my protector

Thank you💙


This poem is about: 
My family


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