Dear Best Friend

How long have I known you? 

Regardless, here we are

In your childhood room

Breaking each other's hearts. 


You look at me forlornly

As I stare back, resigned.

We had thought we were born to be 

Sisters for life. 


I trace the roadmap

In your iris. 

I can see the mountain line:

Edge of Pupil's crest. 


You decipher my atlas.

My own hills and valleys

Made of brown and blackness.

You can't make out the trees. 


Both landscapes are bleak,

Lacking details our hearts share. 

I konw they both lead 

From Nowhere to Nowhere.


I see your geography flatten

And I know you've surrendered. 

This was expected to happen. 

Our lives simply had a fender bender. 


It felt deep and genuine,

But the road is too narrow. 

The cars of our craniums

Bumped and swerved off the road. 


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