Dear America,
Why is there so much hatred bleeding through your soils?
Racism, sexism, gentrification, and persecution all bubbling up in your red, white, and blue cauldron.
Why must you turn a blind eye toward my people.
Ignore the rising body count while the police headlights still flash.
Disregard the miniscule probability of financial success for us.
Even though it was the sweat, tears, and pain from my ancestors as they broke their backs that made you.
Haven't you ever heard to never bite the hand that feeds you?
African Americans built you into the world
So why take power, money, family, and everything important to them?
Why must my people only suffer?
Though slavery has ended, the lashes of your great whip remain palpable.
Though America, dear queen, I must apologize.
For I have forgotten, you are still young
Only approximately 200 years
And it shows with the MANY mistakes you have made
Like placing an inexperienced court jester ,to say the least, at such a height of power
But I must excuse your blissful ignorance.
I just have one proposition for you.
Instead of naming yourself as the United States
Maybe try to actually unite your people
In contrare to segregating and polarizing them every chance you can get.
Just Another Citizen

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My country


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