The Deal


There is a crossroads up ahead.

The wind bows the dirt from the dusty road as I walk along.

I now stand in the dead center of the two roads,

staring at the small yellow flowers planted on the sides of the road.

The clouds above swirl with an ominous fury for the events about to unfold.

Tin box in hand, I scrape out the dirt from where I stand.

I place the box in the small hole and cover it back up.

A voice from behind me calls my name.

I am not afraid.

"You called?" he asks.

I turn to face a normal human man.

He shows me what he is with one simple gesture.

His blue eyes that glistened only a second before, taken over by darkness.

I think of my family;

my friends, and my future.

He holds out his hand,

cocks his head to the side.

I reach out to seal the deal.

My hand never touched his.

It all ends with a shot in the blink of any eye.

I stand firmly with my arm extended, the colt revolver in hand.

Its barrel lets out a whisp of smoke.

I watch as the man's ashes blow away with the wind.

"He was no man," I say.

I turn and walk away,

back down the dusty dirt road.


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