A Dead Soldier's Request

Mama, don't cry.
I'm sorry I'm gone.
I didn't mean to die,
I tried my best, you see,
To stay alive.
Mama, don't cry.
The others, they were too strong,
Had too good of weapons.
I couldn't survive,
But we knew that already.
Mama, don't cry.
I was real brave.
I stood my ground.
Though, the others,
They shot me down.
Mama, don't cry.
I know you're real proud,
Cause I served my country,
Fighting hard
Before I went down.
Mama, don't cry.
I'm in heaven now.
I met Jesus, and Mamaw,
And Moses.
Oh, you'd be proud!
Mama, don't cry.
I'm home now
In the big pearly white gates.
It's so pretty,
Like your smile.
Mama don't cry.
I know you'll miss me lots,
But I'll see you again.
So, Mama,
Don't cry.

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