I once knew a kid
He was joyous, excited, and nice
He was not at all timid
Positive emotions, he could entice

Never had he a bad day
He was always active, always energetic
Quite intelligent, I would say
Some would call him empathetic

But that all changed some day
He came to school, quiet and dull
With his empty stare, you'd think he was clay
And not much seemed to happen within his skull

What had happened? I asked myself
To turn a lively flame
Into a rock on the shelf?
It turns out, other kids are the same

Apparently one day
While he was at school
His parents decided him too hyper for they
His flame, they decided to cool

For every dose of "Daytrana"
A bit more of himself, he cannot be
He endures this daily trauma
To cure his so-called ADHD

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Our world


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