A Day in the Life of an Addict

I woke up every single day sure that I was dead; I couldn't seem to silence all the noise within my head.Reaching for my phone though I could barely use my eyes; my life was so consumed with the chase of getting’ high.Dropping to the ground, agony threw me to my knees; my stomach in a thousand knots, I couldn’t compete with this disease.Crawling to the other room but I could barely use my legs; I clung tightly to the toilet seat, as I was ripped and torn to shreds.I couldn't tell the difference, no, what was sweat and what was tears? The reflection in the mirror,blurred; from the abuse I took through all the years.I heard you knocking at my door, yea, I heard everything you said; but I didn't give a fuck about all the words in which you pled.I didn't have a problem, yeah, I could stop any time I wanted; screw you and your perfect life; I've been the one these demons taunted.Feigning for that one last fix, one more time to numb the pain; I lost sight of all I'd lived for, as I stuck that needle to my vein.With poison flowing through me,still, all I could do was cry; to everyone who thinks this makes me happy, please know I'd rather die.My sanity had been stolen, and my brain was nearly dead; my heart had no more room for love, it was my addiction I had wed.I took anything I wanted, and I lied straight through my teeth; I’d climb my way above you, and then sink you underneath.My family watched in horror, no, there was nothing that they could do; they saw me dare the devil, as death left my lips cold and blue.But someone had  been watching me, yeah, there was still another plan; the next time that I woke up, I turned that “can't” right into “can.”It never will be easy, and some days I'm still so weak; unfortunately there's no option to just leave and turn your cheek.As selfish as I grew to be; and all the lies I used to try to hide; I'd be six feet below the earth without this army by my side,The waters may get rocky first, but you'll see, you are blessed more than you could conceive of; just ride the waves against the tide and soon you too, will rise above.                

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Wow.. This was really deep. I can relate ... Your not alone

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