The Day I Met You

The day I met you,

I didn't know what I would do.

I didn't know that you would stay

And make the bad things run away.

I knew that you were different,

And I knew that you were brilliant;

I saw that you were sweet and

I saw that you were kind,

But I thought that I would lack in love

And didn't know that I’d be blind.


The day I met you,

Everything became clear;

The fact that I’d have someone always near

Made me happy and beyond fear.

When we watched the Friday night lights for the first time,

I got lost in the sparkle of your eye and every starry clime.

I loved the way you hugged me close,

And made me bloom just like a rose.


And then one day I saw your face,

And thought that I had found my place,

So I kissed you back and said those words

That often fly away like birds,

And slip so silently without a thought,

Through passion and pretense that burn so hot,

And then I knew that I'd come home

Where no longer that I'd want to roam.


So through the days and months and years,

I hope that you shall grow no fears,

In thinking that I want new boughs

While watching all the summer cows.

Those three words burn straight and true,

And those three words are I love you.


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A good poem, which speaks from the heart.

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