The day I met Life…

Life is an intricately woven mess

Every action has a reaction

But it’s not guided by any scientific rule

The few words uttered to show disdain

The judgments passed without any consideration

The stereotyping used without any qualms

All the little acts of hatred are acting as venom

A poison working slowly but surely


Life is a labyrinth so complex and well made

Then why am I ending up in closed alleys with no doors

Why one after the other, all the doors are leading to dead ends

I am hearing the whispers of my loved ones

Re-assuring me that I will find a way out

I am about to open another door

My hands are trembling on the knob

Every inch of my body is resisting against the act

But I somehow muster up the courage to open the door

Loud voices are judging me,

The sweet whispers of my loved ones are engulfed by the loud rhetoric


Life is beyond comprehension at times

Your personality is held hostage by attributes, you never chose

No one amongst us choose their, color, race or family

Yet we stereotype without any remorse

I didn’t utter a single word but again, I’ve been judged on attributes, no human can ever control


Life is a riddle seemingly impossible to solve

Every day I wish the world to be a better place to live

A place where people know me before passing any judgment

A place where my color and race doesn’t matter

A place where my true personality shines

I guess! Such places are present only in dreams


One day I met a stranger

His clothes were ragged and torn

The foul smell was coming from him

It so seemed that he had not taken bath for many days

He stopped me and asked if we could have a word

I was reluctant at first, but then I realized, that I was unconsciously stereotyping and judging him on his appearance

He pointed to a quiet bench in a park and I followed him,

He told me his name was Life, and I started laughing

At that very moment, something magical happened and the man’s appearance changed

A ragged, foul-smelling man changed into the most handsome well-dressed person I've ever seen

I was speechless; the man held my hands in his warm hands and said softly,

My dear girl, don’t be afraid

I listen to your sobs every day; you blame everything on the Life

I decided to meet you and clear some misconceptions, you have

The intricately woven life is turned into a mess by humans

The labyrinth of life is definitely complex, but the closed alleys are the actions of humans 

The riddle of life is not impossible to unravel, it needs time and effort

I am in front of you in my true form: beautiful and vibrant

My foul form is by the virtue of the hate and grudges humans hold against each other

Yes you are right; the venom of hatred is doing its work

You’ve seen what it has done to me

Now, my dear girl, it’s time for me to go

But next time when you are crying, don’t blame it onto me


I was stunned by this brief encounter

I realized how true his words were

All the injustices, inequalities and discrimination in Life is an invention of the human mind

Then why blame Life

I decided to start with myself and cleanse my heart from hatred

I hope one day we all are able to see the Life in its truest form:  beautiful and vibrant


This poem is about: 
Our world


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