I was born abeautiful soul

Church fathers called me an 'angel'

Linguists used all words in the dictionary ,

So as to describe me both physically and mentaly

For others i was  too good to be true


Wherever i went i always left the fire burning

In cold places i left warmth

In ares of war i brought peace

There was within me the aura of goodness

I was the light of the world ,the giver happiness


Within a twinkle of an eye tables turned,

I began fighting a battle with darkness

The battle which led to my 'death'

I never knew that in all that i did i had vultures,

Which had green eyes ,watching over my every move.


They looked all 'angelic' in their numbers as they offered help

I was blind to it all as i percived it as courtesy

When they led me in the dark space

Only for them to reveal the devil within them,

That is when reality opened its gates to me,

For thats when i realised that the devil you dont know is better than the angel you know

They laughed about it as they took turns,

Proving that they were men ,

I cried as i wrestled for my dear' life' ,my innocence ,my sanity,

Tears may dry but memories wil never fade.


I have been stolen , i have been murderd

I am shred into pieces ,

They took my most priced possession ,'my life'

My thoughts are now stolen in a world,

Where no law can restore me

It is 'them' i now HATE to the bone ,

For they killed me on the fateful day,

As i gave it all away without a price ,

I hope it lies in peace.






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