The Day the End Began


The hills roll off the landscape of the wooden deck

that wraps around the house like a soft blanket in the middle of the night.

Inside the large wooden home of my grandmother’s

My small family has gathered for a make shift celebration.

Mother in her white dress, the pink flower frill on her arms,

Father in his cheap suit jacket and pants, no need for a tie

And me, playing on the floor in my little light pink dress and shoes.

I watch from my perch in the future

As they cut the cake, twist their arms and go to feed each other

Mother smearing some across father’s teenage mustache

If only I could stop them

Tell them what a mistake it was for them to have signed those papers

Pleaded, please… please!

Go back, undo it

Don’t do this to yourself


Desperation turns to outrage

I scream for them to stop

But the aunts and grandparents only go on with the laughter

Someone hands past me a small bit of cake

And I eat it

Completely unaware of my life to be

Blissful in my young ignorance


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