day by day by day



I posted my first song about you

It used to be celebratory

Now it's inflammatory

It shouldn't be

I saw midnight from the comfort of my sheets

I should have been in your arms

She was there instead

You dirty liar.



Seventeen trips around the sun

A failed driver's test

A hole in my school shirt

People seem to like my song

Whatever, mercury's in retrograde anyway.



Yeah, sure you can text me

I really wanna hear you say how some trivial thing is more important than mental illness

I really wanna hear more excuses

It’s 7:30 in the morning, you piece of slimy trash

I'm an aspiring journalist & lawyer, I will bury you with facts and evidence

Did mercury leave retrograde yet?



A glimmer of hope

This crazy lady can drive

Clear the roads

She's mad and can legally drive a weapon.



The first time I've ever made an entrance

Your girl & her friend stared

Surprise Surprise

Oh and look

Dramatic irony

You sing of subtlety and what used to be

It felt good to know I was on your mind

But that triumph melted into fury

You're an embarrassment.



Watch me sing

Watch me dance

Watch me pretend everything is normal

I'm sure you love that I'm in the background

But you haven't seen all my successes

You should be up here with me

You should know all these things

God, you make me sick.



You sang again

You nearly ruined my favorite song

You didn't though

We came full circle

Start to finish

"The plot doesn't develop, it ends where it begins"

Net distance traveled: 15 feet

(I sat on the other side of the church)

I finally feel free.




Apologies after apologies after apologies

"Didn't have the guts"

In the wise words of Beyoncé, I'm just too much for you

I looked damn good

I felt even better

But as usual, you creep back in and ruin my day

Just please grow up and out already, thanks.



I cut all of my hair off

The curse is broken

A whole three months go by without a trace of you

I'm working a job I love

I'm traveling to places I never want to leave

I know who I am, who I want to be, where I want to go

I'm eating burgers every week

I'm going to concerts and parties

Me, me, and only me.


The next four months are like this

I am working hard

I try to find love again, but no one is like you

It's a blessing and a curse

I dream about you coming back, but I push those thoughts away

I have this gut feeling you'll pop up again

But it's all okay


Day by day by day until there is no more you

I'm finding excitement in politics & music & art

(Even though your garbage candidate won. Screw you, I'm blaming the downfall of America solely on your caucasian, privileged, conservative shoulders)

But I am soaking in so much love, light, and happiness that there is no room for you anymore

Auld Lang Syne and let it die

2017 isn't ready for me


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