Day by Day


Day by day I think of you
Night by night I dreamed of you
Sometimes I ask myself if what I feel is real
Then I realize that you melt my soul in every possible way there is
No matter how hard I try I can never be the perfect man for you, but to think of it no one will ever be.
I picture and seen myself with you, for every breath I take and yet you are miles away
You always on my mind
You are irreplaceable in my heart
I ask myself and God is this a punishment to bring someone like you into my life
You are one of a kind
To you there is no comparison
Still to this day I can feel the touch of your skin and the sense smell of you hair
I was in darkness couldn’t find or see the light but your beauty change it all for me
I had never believe I could meet someone like you someone I can trust with my hear and soul ever since I lay eyes on you everything that I believe or use to believe in take a different meaning to me.
You are as pure as the fountain of life.
I want you to know for as long as I live
For as long there is a breath in my body
I will always be there for you
No one could ever care about you the way I do
My feelings for you is limitless
From then, here now, and after
You will always remain deep in my heart.



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