Dawn and Break of October

Dawn And Break Of October 

A speck of blue,

Entrapped by all my careless wonders

Do touch me here, do touch me there,

Rob me so I am deep in slumber. 

To whom do I owe this gratitude?

Having sobered up my attitude,

Cogitation, aggravation,

A speck of blue, for hating you. 

The pupil’s dew, lingers on my lashes,

A tinge of everlasting crimson flashes,

Autumn rubbish, erupting my tear ducts, singes my sluggish stream. 

Time is running, posing as the breeze,

Pigment change deep inside of me,

From hues of blue, to sheers of red, to rusty doom I face instead. 

My leaves they flee, who am I to be?

My thoughts they wander, as time is squandered, limiting the chances left to breathe. 

Sudden cold gusts of wind, you've forgiven my old and bitter sins, now gracefully I am forgotten.

I summon thee to accompany me to the days I lie beneath iced cotton. 


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My family
Our world
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