The Dating Game

It was like morning dew
Chills on skin, light globe shun on you
It was then I knew
My, my, my ass down for you
This aint no lie, this only truth
Like it was cheers all the way
That was before someone said
You been sitting on that fence
Waiting, hoping to hear from ur ex

Wait a minute - Hold up !!!!

I now gotta pull the breaks on this
Snow rain, my God, can't fight a fall like this.
So catch me inside i ain't catching no feelings.
If you know what I mean.
There's no way I'm I gonna love like this.
This gonna fuck me up mentally.
It gonna fuck me up emotionally.

Yeah yeah I hear what you saying!!!!

We vibe an all still I'm only down for a sure thing
Best believe my heart ain't a play thing
Fifty fifty, we both gotta bring
No, I ain't asking for a damn ring
All the flashy cars and money tree
Ain't gonna keep your hold on me

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