Darth Vader: A Requiem


Tis a day of sadness indeed my son,For the darkest of days have ended and my dreaded enemies have won. I lay dying before youOn the Death Star I had much pride inTo my natural self, I was untrue. I have failed you Luke...But do not pity my soul,For I was merely a fluke. My upbringing in TatooineIs where my story begins,Building and cleaning every machine. It was quite tremulousWorking in desert heat, But my final reward was tremendous. Discovered by the Jedi,A moment I’ll never forget...Where the truth has become a hidden lie. One of my adventures Was meeting  Princess AmedalaAnd training with my mentors. Amedala became to love of my life.Beautiful and sweet... oh, precious Amedala...I lived for her, and she soon became my wife! She birthed you, my lovely boyAnd birthed a secret daughter...my darling Leia.Imagine my pride, imagine my joy! Those were the days I wish to relive...Where my heart beated only for her.Oh, what I would give... Threats reached Amedala’s ears;A wish for her death, unless, I, joined the Dark Side...Both of which, we’my biggest fears. I gave in,Evoked in darkness... I killed her, my Amedala...My biggest sin... The blur of eventsPassed in a flash,My memory full of holes and dents. Discovering that I caused her to dieBecause of my mind clouded by the Dark Side,I said to the rest of the world...goodbye. I ruled in darkness, with the Emperor,With power beyond our control.On many horrific deeds, we did endeavor. And now, here we are,reciting to you all that I have lost;the glory of good that left afar. Tell the story of my final thoughts as I leave this world for another.Take my story, as my body rots... Remember me asNothing more, Luke,Than your father.


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