Darkside of the Spoon

I saw the dark side of the moon
as I took another dive into my spoon
soon it would be over now
but some how
I would feel justified or it be easier
to accept the damage that been done
by creating even more damage by
blocking out the sunlight of the spirit
The truth don’t want to hear it
I fear my fear will mirror
my worst secrets to everyone
but we fall to see
no one cares as much
as the one who is their
the one who takes you to face
they take the blame
or next to break all we together sought to create

it's never too late to walk away
question is how can closure
be shared so we both
feel safe and aware
its for its own good to see
it for its is or maybe it not

that's why ignorance is a must
for with it we tremble right
along into all we need to
feed our inner needs


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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