Fear is change.

Fear is not knowing

Why something is happening.

Fear is not being able

To control your life.

Fear is waking up

To things being completely different than they were when you went to bed.


Wake up.

Heart beating out of my chest.

Head pounding.

Thoughts racing.


Nothing is scarrier than relizing that.

You cant be alone.

You need people.


But before this day you loved being alone

You never had a problem

But know being alone feels like death

No one understands


They say,

You need to learn to be alone.

You need to lear to depend on yourself.

Your too needy.

Your too clingy.

Your not trying hard enough.

You should be trying harder to help your self.


I want to want to be alone again,

With out over thinking.

With out the feeling of death.

I don't want to need people .

I don't want to feel so lonely.

I don't want to feel like

A burden anymore.


I just need help through

This rough patch.

I need people to try to

Understand what i'm going through.

This isn't easy.

Trust me.

Im trying harder than you'll ever know.


In our darkest moments.

We need to surround ourselves with

People who care.

People who try to understand us.

People who will not leave our sides in these

Dark moments.


With people who care

Anything is possible

They will lead you out of the darkness

And show you how to live again


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