From The Darkness

She was fading

She was alone

There was darkness

Nothing more

She saw a light

Up ahead

She saw a face

She saw a hand

Reaching out

From the dark

She fought the urge

Said she didn’t deserve it

The hand stayed


Nothing more

It was patient

It was kind

Told her that there was so much more

Much more than darkness

There was light

There was joy

There was happiness

She resisted

She couldn’t

Not after all that had happened

All she had done

How could she?

Yet, it waited

It wanted her

It stayed

Then it moved


And closer

Reaching out

A steady hand

She stared at it




No, she said

She couldn’t take it

She was not worthy

It persisted

Breaking through walls

She hadn’t known were there

She wanted it

Yet she held back

It came closer still

And then it touched her

She flinched

Not used to such a feeling

She started to tremble

She backed up

She was scared

It was unreal

It was something different

She’d experienced nothing like it

Yet she wanted to feel it again

But she was frightened

It’s a trap, she thought

It won’t last long

Yet it was patient

It was kind

It did not boast

And it was not proud

It came closer

And closer

With a steady hand

It waited

Reaching out

She suddenly felt something

A ferocious determination

She looked at the hand



Very slowly

She reached out

Hesitated for a second

She gave in to her wanting

And grasped the hand

It did not flinch

It did not slap her away

The only thing it did

Was hold her hand tighter

And pulled her away

From the darkness

And then there was light

There was trust

There was hope

And there was love

Nothing more


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