A Dark World In Which We Live

Sun, 09/22/2013 - 23:17 -- Aurora


Darkness is a cloak of shelter.

Ending the day's noise, 

And so forth the day's chapter.


Darkness is everywhere, 

Whether it's a shadow,

Or a feeling you can't share, nor bear.


Why hide from something you simply can't?

You can rant and rant, 

But no matter what it's still there; 

Following your every move as if a bear.


All you can do is accept;

Accept that it is everywhere.

Even inside you, 

And all who surround you with care.


So don't scour in the ashes of time.

For some things happen for a reason as if a sign.

You may run, but you can never hide.

From something so close and yet inside.


Darkness is a cloak of shelter. 

Ending the day's noise,

And so forth the day's chapter.


By, Aurora Brown 



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