Dark Shadows

Here a mark on my arm that i’ve made

When i felt i could do nothing else but cut with a blade

As the jagged edges ripped through my skin

I could feel everything dying within

My body was like a empty space

That only a dark shadow would ever replace

A shadow so dark that not even the sun could penetrate


All one could ever do was run and hide from you

You the dark shadows filled with pain and hurt

That made me just want to scream and blurt

As tears ran down my face like a crazy stream

I sat there wishing and hoping that it was just a dream


A dark shadow hovers in the corner of my eyes

I imagine you there when i feel there’s no time

To express my hurt and my yearn for comfort, Here lies

My Story

So gruesome so thrown

So incredibly haunting wanting to be told


The night creeps to me in my darkest of dreams

Death waits at the door, depression at the scene

Awaiting my decision to make the first cut

And watches with a smile, And says “deeper it must”

No hesitation from its mouth but pain comes from mine

No heart from his but mine winces and cries


Tears of frustration,anxiety,Fault

I just want to be told it’s not my fault at all

These demons tell me “it’s the best way”

The dark shadows tell me “keep cutting it’s the new wave”

Depression yells at me to finish the job

I’m scared i never wanted this at all


Now i see that shadow his face so grim he’s death

I awaited and now i bear all of his sins

The CRASH and away away i go deep into the darkest of dark shadows

Swallowed by the very thing that i ran from


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