The dark route

The dark route 


I had gotten out of that dammed alley way..





I walk down for what seems forever, I hear the growling of crows, the cackling that lingers in the air 


And somehow


I’m not scared


I waltzed down, I’m on ice


My Lacey dress is long, crumpled and ripped, covered in blood. Either mine... or someone else’s.


I come to a stop


There’s 10 mirrors representing people... familiar faces















I’ve hurt these people...

X cried, ‘you broke me...’

R sighed, ‘look what you’ve done’

P frowned, ‘I can no longer be here for you..’

D groaned and whined ‘I just want to go home...’

D growled, ‘your stupid.’

B sighed, ‘why.’

C shook their head, ‘you ruined everything’

W grunted, ‘you whore!’

K growled lowly, ‘you’

J laughed, ‘are a’

M gritted their teeth ‘Disgrace’

X appeared again, this time he was angry. His tear-stained face is now scrunched up. He is furious. He looks at me and cackles 



I was on the floor, mirrors watching me. There laughing and some are crying. Their shadows are crying and their faces are mad


Throw me back!!

Give me back to the alley way!!


I can’t do this!!! 

I’m dying

This is your fault!!!

This is torture!

I want to die




The mirrors scratch and screech, they shadder I pant and cry, I see birds flying around and singing 

How can they be so happy?

There singing happy tunes and cheerful lyrics 

How can they be so happy?

Please go away....

I lay down and curl into a ball

My wrist are bloody and so is my happiness

It hurts

I’m dying aren’t I?

Heh... this isn’t how I pictured it we are

All because of that stupid alley

Please help me


And like that I stayed 

And like that I laid 

And like that I cried

And like that 

I thought I had died


A helping hand is all I ask for

You were supposed to be my white blood

But you’ve left

I’m ready to fly 

Buts it’s an impossible height

Oh well....

I’m stuck on the ground 

and that’s were I stay

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