A Dark Perception


United States
41° 2' 28.0284" N, 73° 32' 30.2784" W

Sometimes I feel like the whole world is against me,
My teachers, my friends, and even my family.
I go to school feeling lonely and ugly.
One minutes I feel happy, then suddenly,
I feel depressed and thoroughly,
I think of the negatives inside of me.
I don't like my reflection,
of my face and depression.
I need an injection,
to stop this infection.
It crawls all over me,
when I'm awake and asleep.
Through my eyes it'll seep,
in the form of water,
down the cheek of my mother's daughter.
Scrunched up in the corner,
like a weird loner.
Confusion, sadness, trapped, and afraid,
fill me up and drag me into the shade,
where no one goes, because everyone knows,
that that's where all the evilness grows.


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