From Dark to Light

Fate could be any darker,

waking to broken dreams and nightmares,

never to reach full potential,

the light ahead seemed so far ahead,

she cried in her sleep from the helpless feeling,

one she could never fend away,

just another day washed away,

until a man creeped in her room,

not a scary man, 

a man willing to accept her, 

one that wasn't going to judge,

or care about her past,

he let her know no matter what,

everything was going to be alright,

she just had to put him in her heart,

and listen to his words,

one day she awoke as if it was a dream,

with a smile on her face,

she told no one this dream,

because she took it as a sacred message,

and put it really close to her heart,

and from that day forward,

the tunnel began to open,

dark turned to light, 

and at this point she knew,

she saw the light


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