Dark Daze


10822 SW 72 St
United States
34° 21' 31.3596" N, 81° 58' 1.0596" W

There I sat in the darkness.

Nothing but the hum of a speaker and

The sound of my stomach choking on its own emptiness

It’s poetic

In a self loathing type of way

I feel my room holds a sadness

A longing for life suspended in the air

A somber suffocating gloominess

A Melancholic Empty Sorrowful Sadness

Maybe that explains Princess not wanting to sleep next to me anymore

Her puppy pants were too heavy, her puppy nose was too congested

She left the saddened fogginess, leaving an even sadder girl

Foggy eyed and lonely

I don't blame her for leaving

Everyone desires the dazzling glimmer of the sun

A continuous shimmer that widely stretches the lips and happily squints the eyes

Hell, what I would do for a dose of vitamin D.


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