A Dark Cloud

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 17:49 -- breee94

I wake up every morning

Innocent and vulnerable

Happy and carefree

I remember where I am

A beautiful campus

Friends all around

Spring flowers and warm air begin to appear

I live in a space to call my own

With my education just footsteps away

Memories being created every second

I would not change this for anything

I would change the dark cloud that seeps low to my head

The little reminder that this place I call home

The place that is shaping me into a responsible adult

Is not free

The dark cloud is full of thousands upon thousands of dollars

That will explode and shower me with unhappiness

I only have a short amount of time to pay for my Utopia 

If I could I would change this inevitable feat

So that my happy days will forever be pure and not tainted


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