D'Andre's Last Message/ His Paradise

I hear the gun go off so I run

I was only at a party trying to have some fun

A seemingly safe decision turned dangerous

To speeding bullets from a gun I was powerless 

Shooting pain drills up my spine

Just a few minutes ago I was fine

I feel my body tumbling towards the floor

Running, screeching, screaming galore

Everything around me begins to fade

I'm losing consciousness, I'm in a daze

"No please don't go" I hear

Sadly, to the light I was already near

I tried to open my mouth to say one last word

My soul flew up to heaven like a bird

My body left the earth but my soul stayed 

To comfort the people who so greatly prayed

That losing me was all a dream and that I would return

For me their broken hearts yearned

But I'm in a better place now where I shed no tears

I am safe here but for them I have fear

For they live on earth where evil exists

But one day they will be with me again in this






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