I've seen my share of shooting stars

And wished upon every one

I've thrown a fortune into wishing wells

Let my wish fall to the bottom

I've huffed and puffed a hurricane's worth of air

Blowing the seeds of dandilions 

Eighteen years I've spent smothering the

Flame from one hundred and seventy one candles

With a lung full of wishes; every wish the same

Yet it seems

I will wish upon a thousand more shooting stars

Continue to throw a fortune into wishless wells

Let hope roll right off my lips

Onto the seeds of dandilions 

Blow the flame from another one hundred and seventy one candles

Until the day comes when

I am wishing upon shooting stars along with him

Throwing hopefilled pennies into the bottom of wishing wells

Picking wild dandilions, watching it carry

His hopes off into the wind

And blowing out a lifetime full of flames from candles


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