The Dancer


United States
42° 39' 17.2548" N, 82° 55' 4.3824" W

She spins around in the meadow

Hands outstretched, dress whirling around her bare legs.

Her eyes are closed.

She spins and dances on.

Small bright flowers dot her hair

She wears a simple white dress

But she radiates power, beauty, grace

She spins and dances on.

She dances on a green meadow

Flowers blanket the long green grass

And sunlight streams through, a spotlight

She spins and dances on.

She looks incredibly free

More free than a bird soaring above

And indeed, she can fly away too.

She spins and dances on.

Innocence. Her face young forever

Tall dark trees protect her

Protected from society, from evil.

She spins and dances on.

She does not know the word "cry"

Or "tears" or "hate" or "anger"

She knows only endless love

She spins and dances on.

Alone in the forest

But together with Life itself

Together with her Soul, her Spirit

She spins and dances on.

She suddenly spins quicker

Twirls rapidly, dances as if she was burned.

And yet, unbelievably,

She spins and dances on.

But alas! Her mouth, opened with surprise

Pain crosses her face, the impossible:

She vanishes into the still air

She spins and dances on

But only in our imagination.


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