Dance Free

Soaring as high as your body will take you
Turning on one leg like a top.
Constantly moving and changing
And who said you ever have to stop?
Cascading through invisible barriers in the air
Freeing your mind, body, and soul.
Expressing, releasing, escaping
I mean, that is the goal.
Or is it closed off, secret, and conserved
Oblivious to the unknown?
No one knows except you that
It’s something you only do alone.
Tell me your story
What you know, what you’ve done, what you’ve been through.
Let your movement be your voice
It’s only me and you
Right now.
Let it flow.
Let it go.
Let me know.
I want to feel with you.
I want to escape reality too.
So invite me in
And give me a chance.
And that’s how I know
That dance isn’t awesome, but
Awesome is dance.


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