The Dance Of Dark Angel 

I stood so a lone in eternal winters, My tears are like ice, 
My body dead within, every tear that drops hollow within. 
If I don't greet to see life shine ever again I will try to dream  
It in my head , When I meet Dark Angel was at a dance ;  
My drink he gave me was a spell of his coldness of his drug  
I suffer with  anxiety from what he did to me , He dance the  
Breath of life out of me and I never seen the day light ever  
Again .I worry what you might think of me If true love ever  
Sees me ever again .  
I won’t offer hope in my dream that I will see light 
Of truth again, my palms are sweaty and so scared that Dark  
Angel is reading my mind again, I find it hard to concentrate  
When I feel Dark Angel rage of his darkness and pain of untruth 
Of his dark love he has for me, rain that never ends. 
I feel like my heart is pounding like a drum when he comes running 
To see if I had turn to the light of what is right, I feel kind of numb  
With no hope at all to be saved, the sun never came back and the 
Moon don't shine as much. It’s like I'm fading fast in this sickness, 
By my lost grave I crave with no more pain.  I sight because that  
Is only a dream, His eye is always on me, lost souls dancing around 
With hate in their eyes. I feel like I might run maybe even jump, 
I feel a sense of dread of sadness of so much lies of dusty glooms, 
I wish I could crawl back in my bed and wash him out of my head  
But I can’t. I wonder if he will ever understand my needs and wants  
Just to be truly loved. I am trying to get better of controlling how I feel 
The next time I see him I will take a deep breath and ask him to Chang 
With me if he truly loves me, lets run free in the light of true love. 
I will tell myself there is nothing to fear if true love is near. 
I will do my best to greet him in the light of true love. 


Poetic Judy Emery © 1987

The Queen Of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerfully expressed! Well written! 

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