Daddy went to heaven


Gone… But where?
I can’t call you on your phone.
I can’t knock on your door in DR.
 No matter how loud I scream
You can’t respond.
I wish I could of held your 
hand as you took your
last agonizing breath.
You fought with your
heart and soul. You fought
for mom and to watch your 
kids grow, but you lost. Your
heart gave up. We lost.
I will never get to know you,
like they did. How funny you
were? How nice you were? 
How there was nothing that 
could stop  you from giving 
our family what we needed 
and  wanted … Except this.
You wont be able to walk your 
daughters down the aisle.
You wont see all of us 
graduate from college. You
won’t be able to slow dance
with your daughters at their 
sweet sixteen. You won’t see
us when life pushes us down.
Where are you, now?
I want to hug you and tell
you am sorry. I want to sit 
down and have coffee and 
cocoa together. I want to 
laugh and smile, the way 
you only made my sister 
smile. We miss you like 
crazy and I wish I could
take things back. I want 
you to watch me grow 
and direct me from my 
rights and wrongs. Daddy 
your in heaven and this is
what I wanted you to 
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amazing, touching, made me cry!

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