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Why do you do this,

it makes me so sad;

I wish I could tell you.

how much it makes me mad.


You don't listen to me,

even when you're wrong;

It tears me apart,

and I never feel strong.


Day by day,

night by night;

You're killing yourself,

and I'm filled with fright.


Don't you want to live,

a long and happy life?

See me get married,

and become a wife?


Keep on your current path,

and you won't ever see;

Becoming a grandfather,

will cease to be.


Please, oh please,

take my words to heart;

I just wish you'd see,

you're not being smart.


Throwing money away,

each and every day;

You're wasting your time,

making our relationship fade away.


This hurts so much,

seeing you do this;

I can't and won't be around it,

it won't be something to miss.


So, daddy please,

listen to me, just this once;

I don't want you to die,

I love you too much.


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