When I was younger

I use to be your everything

I was daddy’s little girl

I loved the way you always use to carry me

As times passed

There were nights I would stay up

Hoping you would come home

But hours went by

And I wouldn’t see you til the next morning

I was just a kid

Who wanted you to be home

Before I went to bed

I wanted you to read me a bedtime story

Like stuff you see in movies

But I noticed a distance

And I was only a child

I felt abandoned

Maybe this would explain the nightmares at night

Who knows

Now I’ve grown up

Realized a lot

Experienced heartache

When it was brought to my attention

That the lips you kissed

Weren’t my mom’s

They were another women’s

And I ran towards you
Cried as I looked into your eyes

And for a moment

You just didn’t care

You couldn’t hug me

And say “I’m sorry I hurt you, your brother, and sister”

I stood there with perfume bottle in one hand

And clenched fist in the other

Debating rather I should throw something at you

Or hurt you as you’ve done to me

And then I realized

You still didn’t care

I walked away and cried

And realized

This whole time

You were just a stranger living in my home

But didn’t earn the title of being called my “dad”

This poem is about: 
My family
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