Everyone's got one and everyone of them is different. Some are tall, small, skinny, big, black, white, asain, mexican, blue hair, brown hair. Father's. Every guy can be a father but few can be a dad. You see my father is Miltary, messed up, PTSD, TBI, 100% disabled. But my dad...he was my senior English Teacher. Tall, fit, brown hair, scruffy Tony Stark beard, sideburns, twinkling hazel eyes, mischevious smile, awkward presence, and all around gentle soul. My dad made me feel like I was kind, smart, and important. He believed in me, supported me, and always was there to listen and give me advice. He treated me like a student and at the same time he gave me words of wisdom only a dad gives their daughter. He always pointed me back to my roots in my faith and he always had a smile on his face. My dad is Scott Howard, every day average joe who's not at all average. Extraordinary father of two boys, husband, and homeowner in Remington. He's a writer,  dreamer, teacher, father, daddy, scholar, wise man, and fan boy. When my own flesh and blood didn't support me, didn't believe in me, left me, and wanted somethign for me that wasn't my identity at all my dad was there. He's stood by side and while this may not rhyme I'll show my love for my dad throughout this time because I know I'm not the only one feeling this way. So if you're someone who has a dad who's not your father raise your fist with me and stand because we're not alone and together we're strong. So tell your dad thank you if he helped make you into the person you are now. So thank you Scott Howard for everything you did even when you didn't know you were doing it. 


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