I don't even remember, 

the times I used to cry

All that I can remember, 

was redness in my eyes

I keep on laughling,

like the light is all I see,

when deep down inside,

I'm tired of being me

I wrote you a letter, 

telling you I was done with my life

Ready to run away from the stress and pain,

cause every word you said hit like a knife.

My sincere apologies dear,

I thought this was what you wanted to hear.

Your shallow heart asked for a deeper sea,

And what you wanted was too low for me

Do you recall the times I sat in my room,

Shedding red pain, going insane

Waiting for you to save my soul

I asked for flowers, you gave me coal. 

I always ask, when will it all be okay.

There's  was no guarantee, you left me stray.

All I need, is a promise from you

One day you'll treat me like someone you knew. 

I am your child, please give me a sign. 

For I'm not your father, but you are mine.



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This is beautiful it has so much emotion in your words

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