I've never been the type for whirlwinds.

I don't like comparing love to unpredictable weather forecasts-

I'm not one to be swept off my feet,

Or whisked away with my young beauty of a lover to elope.

In fact, the very thought makes my mouth twist down at the edges

And my nose wrinkle distastefully.


I live in a cynical generation, after all;

Reminded day after day,

Year after year,

That fairytales don't happen.


I was born between the terror of AIDs

And the rubble of 9/11.

I learned not to trust at my mother's feet.


I learned the words 'too good to be true' instead of prayers.

I was born just as the world shook off the chains of perfection

And embraced gritty reality,

As it ripped off pretty party dresses

And turned on the damn T.V.


I was born after America began to hate itself.

I learned about The Land of Opportunity

And watched as the ignorant smiled

And the knowledgeable grit their teeth in pain.

I came to learn that if I'm not angry,

I'm not paying attention.

I was born after cynicism was learned in tandem with speech.


I'm of the cynical generation,

And even as I love I can't help but think of the end.

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