Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

144 characters

Is that enough space to cram, 

Your fears, Your lies?

That tear in your eye?

What happened today, 

becomes a post.

And the winner is,

who retweets the most. 

                                                  Think about it

Everyone here is connected,

But our social skills are greatly affected!

Face to Face : The best communication.

But a real conversation?

Now thats dedication.

You can hide

Behind your screen,

An anon user,

a common theme.

                                                      tap tap tap

The keyboard at work.

Generation gap?

Technical perk.

Can you stop someone,

who is in disguise?

A profile tangled

In a web of lies.

It's all good and fine, 

Until they turn, 

and cross the line.

Friends to strangers, 

And family to ghosts.

The bully a parasite, 

And your the host.

They take everything, 

And leave nothing less.

You world comes crashing

With just one text.

"No one likes u"

"Ur a whore"

I'd go on


need I say more.

If you depend on what people think, 

and survive through a screen,

You'll go on living,

hoping this is just a dream...

                                                  but it's not

It's a literary noose

You can't cut loose.

Technology helps,

But hurts too,

It has saved many, 

But saved few..

You don't know what you can't see

Scars behind a semi colon smile?

That's all you'll ever be.


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