People cut themselves because they feel their life is out of control

this is a form of a release from their inner soul

cutting helps them gain it back

Restoring all the things they once lack.


Sometimes they don't know what else to do

I would know because I was once a cutter too.

It's time I finally be honest with myself

I didn't care if it was bad for my health


It was the only thing I could control

Trying to avoid this heart that had a hole

All cutters has a story to tell

about all the things bringing them hell


Cutting is a way of expression

that can be confused as depression

but I've learned my lesson

but it's not your heart that you're testing


Think of the ones you love that'll be affected by this

Now is not the time to be selfish

You have a voice, and people need to know.

So open yourself up and let your true feelings show.




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