Cut Cut


CUT CUT At 15 i shared a story with my sisterOnly started sharing this same story recentlyShe would CUT CUT to mend her broken heart and so do IShe would CUT CUT and i would see the scars"what are you doing?" i askedShe turned around, hot tears burning her once happy face and says nothingWe share a storyCUT CUT Until one day she felt a new life, a life on her wombShe started to see the errors of her ways and tries to rehabilitate not only herself but myself as well CUT CUT There was a point in my life where i coulnt take the painThe pain of feeling abandond by the two who gave me lifeThe pain of not being able to trust anyoneThe pain of wondering what "love" is Years go by and i find the one person who ends life as i know itDays go by and he changes my perspective on "love"A month goes by and my heart is torn to pieces bacause of himA month goes by, we are together but broken in an instant Nights of crying myself to sleep i write this letter to her, wondering if i am going down the same path as she Jessy, never had i thought i would find a guy like himI remember i would see you, crying. Your once happy eyes out searching for his loveNow i am doing the sameNever say that it was your fault for this mistake that i have madeIt wasnt your fault, it was mineIt was me, me being the one who was blinded by love, not wanting to accept the fact that i too would be hurt in the end Five months later i am still hurt and crying i always find myself singing "saty with me for a while, stay witj me and ill smile. Never leave and youll see stay with me will you please"She sees me crying, searching for his warm embraceShe knows what i am going throughEveryday i look into her eyes and i hope one day she would come and say Wendy, I told you countless of times "dont get attached" but you have failed meWendy you can do so much better, but you had to go and pick himI know that saying this to you will not help your situation, but i know that deep in your heart, even though you say to all that youre not, you are still in love with himI hoped you wouldnt learn this the hard way but you haveLearn from my mistakes and what i have done Stop where you areStop tourturing yourself, by wondering when youll be his againStop waiting for his return and go up to him anf say what you really feel And if he doesnt feel the same way as you do well then it wasnt ment to beSometimes i wish you could understand this "now alone or not you gotta walk ahead. Thing to remember is, if we are all alone then we are all together in that too"You knew killing the lonliness is hard, but killing yourself in the proccess is not healthySo stop, just stopStop hurting yourselfAnd stop the CUT CUT

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