it’s okay 
it’s all okay 
i’m not spiraling, no 
clear the mind, that’s it. 
the living liquid dives down, slides— 
over the canvas like water on concrete— 
calm down— it’s ok— don’t panic—  just relax— 
clear mind 
focus, lock in 
control yourself, you lose— 
more of yourself, drip, drip 
it runs now, bleeding through itself 
the lines screaming, crying, you must stop 
the red splattered paint on the sharp brush— 
you twisted artist, go find a new piece don’t— 
it’s ruined. 
the paint spilled 
staining, spoiling your wear 
and what of your canvas? 
marked, scratched, scribbled. unpresentable to all— 
yet you say,

“cut it out!”

yet I say,

“cut it. out.”
cut cut cut cut 
the more you remove 
the more it stays

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