Curtains No longer

 I conceal me with a fake smile.

Its plastered on my face every day.
No one, not even my best friend
can see the pain behind the smile. Four
brothers and one sister who doesn’t live
with us anymore. A mother who loves all
of her children but is focused on her four year old
more every day. I’m in a cage. Nowhere to run or
be free. Responsibilities that shouldn’t be mine are
holding me back. Having a dominate father who
 tries hard to discipline and create driven children.
 To never step out of line.
To never voice your opinion in his house if it
isn’t like his. He puts too much pressure on me.
I want to be creative, strong willed and respected by others.
Having a mother who doesn’t listen and a father who
tries to dominate and take charge over every life decisions I
have. It keeps me for accomplishing my goals. I want to be free.
Help set me free.


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