The Curtain I Do Hide Behind



Let your attention from my salty tear-brimming eyes divert.

For the feeling of your gaze locked onto mine actually burns.

Don't ask me why I won't let you see...

The real Laken...the girl inside of me.

Let not your mind wander to possible explanation.

For even I don't have a feasible reconciliation.

The curtain I do hide behind.

Those close to me proclaim it a crime.

It's easier I find, to shut ponderers out.

Though I seldom admit this aloud.

For I've felt the injection of rejection before

And I tell you, this shall occur no more.

Call me backward if you feel you must.

Perhaps I secrets now collecting a thin layer of dust.

I confide in not you, or he, or she.

Trust I'm lacking, so you see.

But perhaps I'm not the one in wrong, but are you.

The day shall come that we'll see this through.

Some souls don't believe in the phenomenons they just can't see.

But me?

I can't wrap my head around the obviously fallible human decrees.

Tell me friend why I should actually believe...

That you'd ever accept me...for me?




Wow! I LOVE your poem! How long did it take you to write it? It looks like we are in the same contest too! OOOoo do you think you could take a look at my poem to?:)


Aww, thanks(: That made my day! It didn't take that long to write. Maybe a half hour? And sure, I'll check yours out!

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