Curtain Call

This world is horror

This world is hate

It's all disorder

Stuck in this fate

Where are you now?

What have you done?

Your final vow

The end has begun

I will not bow

I will not fall

I'll not allow

This is my call

All you enraged

All of you rebels

Burst out of this cage

Let's bring them hell

I'll start the spark

If you bring the flame

Lash out of the dark

You know who's to blame

Carry your arms

Hold on, brothers

We'll raise the alarms

We'll carry each other

Show them that we

All have a voice

We'll all go on three

We've all made the choice

Unleash your colors

Raise the flag high

Rip off these collars

We will not die

This is who we are

This is our life

We all bear the scars

Our pain and our strife

We will use the rage

We will use the pain

We will break this cage

We will use this name

We'll never bow

Not now, not at all

This is our vow

Our curtain call. 



This poem is about: 
My country


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