Cunning Linguist

I'm in love with Cleo, Tori or whatever you call your clit;

Because when my tongue hits and that pussy spits,

Giving you orgamic waves making your body have fits.

Looking like possessed by a demon, but you haven't been possessed by my semen;

No schemin', no lie, never leave that vulva dry.

Giving you that slow sex, or that orgasmic meditation,

Taking that clitoris on an orgasmic vacation.

Filled with pleasure, my tongue wants that hidden treasure.

Open those lips wide, let my tongue slip inside...

Buckle up, cuz this tongue gonna take you for an amazing ride.

Striking all your nerves, while caressing your amazing curves,

With the flick of my finger, turn you into an opera singer;

Having you begging for the ring as you bow down to the oral king.

Don't need a foot long to make you cum strong!

Yeah my dick size may be average

But my tongue is a mother fucking savage!

Whether hard or soft, my tongue will get you off. 

No preemie ejackin, no giving out of the backin

My skills are quite stunning, cuz I'm a cunning linguist

Who don't need his penis to make you call Jesus.

An artist with the soft strokes that are no joke

So why bother trying to poke?

Just cope with the fact, that when you area on your back,

Your clitoris is a map that my tongue enjoys to travel

As I unravel all of your sweet spots,

That make you hot and you won't forget me not,

Cuz your precious flower, I want to devour constantly

Making you constantly want I invade your cunt-try.

And we ain't dry humpin see;

And that's why you choose me!

Cuz my tongue is an Uzi..brrrr-Dow, brrrr-Dow,

How ya like me now?

In the sun, in the rain, sleet or snow,

Setting your mind free, let your body go

To a place that it has never been before

And if we keeping score...

Your orgasms are more than mine and that's fine

Cuz I love to dine and you taste sweeter than any white wine.

Any Moscato or Riesling, when you get that tingling feeling and sexual healing

Grab my head or the bed sheets

Feel the heat between us..

And if you don't cum soon, it's ok...

Cuz baby...

I don't... rush!


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