Wed, 01/04/2017 - 08:58 -- mun001

The new year opened a blank book,

with pages waiting to be filled.

After 365 pages,

the author is different.

As a new book begins to be written,

the author is now wiser.

He has learned pain,

he has learned strength.

He has witnessed hate,

he has witnessed love.

Someone showed him there is light,

in the darkest places.

A beautiful girl,

with a beautiful soul.

She showed him to love,

to admire,

to apprecaiate.


The new book begins with love,

not hate.

The new book begins with strength,

not pain.


361 pages remain unwritten.


The new author sees good,

even in the worst.

No longer behind a hard shell,

he stands behind fragile crystal.


but trusting.

His reflection seems the same,

yet he is not.

He is a better person,

it is clear he has grown.

Crystal clear.


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