A cry

As my smile fades with my happiness I can feel the hollowness of my soul creeping upon my skin. 


The loneliness of the repercussions of my actions reveal the anger in me. 


The hate towards my insecurities and the fear of my instability is slowly becoming more apparent. 


I sink in the honesty of my condition and confess to the miles I have walked away from my issues. 


I feel for everything but myself and the things I do feel get lost in a sea of endless and meaningless emotion. 


I escape from my reality by reading about things I don’t care to believe in and somehow I find my self searching for it. 


It sounds so great, like it could feed my emptiness and take away the weight of everything that brought me down. 


I am hopeless. 

I am angry. 

I am scared. 

I am tired. 

I am pleading. 

And although

no one can hear me,

the screams are louder now 

then they’ve ever been before. 



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